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It’s like pokemon. But the monsters are trying to kill you.——《 Monster Paradise 》SIGN IN


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Magical RealismThe Rise Of Otaku271 Chapter 271 send backLittle Calabash Mountain Peasant– –2 hours ago
FantasyRecords Of Barton’s Fantastical Events107 Chapter 8 TulpaZha YaoDoggotranslation2 hours ago
Sci-fiDark Blood Age669 Chapter 669 Limit BreakTian Xia Piao Huo– –2 hours ago
Magical RealismProblematic Little Sister Fell In Love With Me147 Chapter 147 I Am In A Good Mood, Do You Have A Problem With ThatFu Shifei– –2 hours ago
Magical RealismStory of a Big Player from Gangnam751 Started Shooting the Movie (2) – Part 2악중선– –2 hours ago
War&MilitaryAce of the Dragon Division707 RescueDust Wind– –3 hours ago
Magical RealismGrandson of the Holy Emperor is a Necromancer168 090. The Inquisition of the Seventh Imperial Prince -1 (Part Two)Shadow-kun– –5 hours ago
Video GamesReincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God2736 Crazy Zero Wing?Lucky Old Cat– –5 hours ago
Contemporary RomanceOne Birth Two Treasures: The Billionaire’s Sweet Love2168 Fall into HellBeauty Under the MoonAtlas Studios6 hours ago
TeenNational School Prince Is A Girl1514 Decide on Such Things as Early as PossibleWarring Young SevenHenyee Translations6 hours ago
Fantasy RomancePhoenix Destiny315 AlienYun Ji– –6 hours ago
Eastern FantasyLegend of Swordsman2330 HumilityMr. MoneyLarbre Studio6 hours ago
Video GamesThe Great Thief1967 Becoming Enemies with the OfficialsBoating LyricsHalcyon Translations, Exodus Tales6 hours ago
Eastern FantasyThe Legend of Futian1872 Person-in-Charge?Jing WuhenNyoi-Bo Studio6 hours ago
Contemporary RomanceYou Are My Unforgettable Love1297 End Game (37)Young Master YanAtlas Studios6 hours ago
Sci-fiSuper Gene2798 Yin Ghost HeadTwelve-Winged Dark Seraphim– –6 hours ago
Eastern FantasyGourmet of Another World1410 Smiling Lees FishLi HongtianCatatoPatch6 hours ago
Eastern FantasyUnrivaled Medicine God1845 A Sword Crossing the VoidFeng YiseAtlas Studios6 hours ago
Contemporary RomanceThe 99th Divorce2030 Are you Drunk or just Plain Dumb?Wan LiliNyoi-Bo Studio6 hours ago
Sci-fiForty Millenniums of Cultivation2393 Dad’s Here!The Enlightened Master Crouching CowHenyee Translations6 hours ago


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